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Steamatic Inc. Is committed to making our world a safer and cleaner environment for present and future generations.

carpetcleaningBA unique carpet cleaning technique made for residential and commercial owners.
Steamatic’s hot water carpet cleaning service caters to both residential homes, hotels and all types of corporate, commercial and other rug cleaning needs. To avoid damaging your hard wood and other hard floor surfaces, we prefer to take removable rugs away and clean them in our special warehouse facility before returning them to you to put back into position.

We recommend regular vacuuming and a once yearly carpet cleaning schedule to minimize the amount of dirt and pollutants stored and to prolong the life of your rugs or carpet. Steamatic’s extra hot water cleaning method will not damage or cause wear and tear to your carpets and you’ll find that they will look and smell fresher for longer and feel great underfoot.

Other methods using mechanical scrubbing action, shampoo, “dry” carbonated chemicals, and dry granular compounds leave PROBLEMS and dirt behind, such as:

  • Pile distortion and flaring
  • Sticky residues from chemicals left in your carpet which actually attract dirt – causing rapid carpet re-soiling.
  • Using other methods surface dirt is partially removed, the rest is scrubbed deeper into the carpet
  • Dirt under surface of pile is not removed
  • Carpet is not cleaned or sanitized by these cleaning methods.

main-image1Carpet Cleaning Service
No matter how often you vacuum your floors, dirt and debris get tracked in over time and can embed themselves deeply into your carpets fibers and rugs, leaving stains and making them look dull and damaged. In particular, rugs and carpets that are laid in high traffic areas can contain a high concentration of pollen, allergens and other debris deposits that can leave it looking old and unattractive in a very short time.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning
Steamatic offers a professional, effective and revolutionary carpet cleaning service that uses different, innovative technology and processes for maximum benefits for either your home or office floors.

Why choose Steamatic for your carpet cleaning needs
Many carpet cleaning companies that claim to provide a professional carpet cleaning service use soap and water to remove dirt, debris and other contaminates. This process leaves your carpets looking great for a couple of days but slowly you’ll notice they give off a distinct, unpleasant smell and that stains are gradually coming back. This is because your carpets are still wet or moist at the core causing the fibers to emit a stale, mildew odor, and the soap solution will have left a greasy residue on the surface which quickly attracts more dirt that makes it look dull and dingy again in no time at all.

At Steamatic, we discovered through research and technology that there are far better, more effective ways to clean carpets that don’t build up a soapy residue or create bad odors. We use very hot water together with a specially developed emulsifying agent to break down and liquefy the dirt and other contaminates. We force this solution deep into the carpet fibres and then suck the emulsion back into our special equipment to extremely powerful vacuums, leaving your carpet almost dry and very clean right down to its core.

The benefits of using extra hot water:

  • Quickly and effectively dissolves dirt
  • Quickly and effectively breaks down bacteria and other contaminates
  • Helps to lift stains
  • Only need to use a minimal amount of water
  • Carpet fibers get heated so your carpets dry faster once water is removed
  • No potential water damage
  • No stain outlines
  • No chemical, mildew or other after odors.

Hot Water Soil Extraction
“Proven Best by Industry Tests”

Professional and Effective Carpet Cleaning Service from Steamatic
The carpet in your home is an expensive investment and with the regular use that most carpets are subject to, outdoor contaminants such as soil, dirt and other debris can damage that investment while leaving your rooms looking and even smelling dirty.

Unfortunately, while a lot of home carpet cleaning services use soap based carpet cleaning machines this is not the most effective method. Rather then use a soap based cleaning method, we employ a combination of extra hot water and an emulsifier.

Steamatic offers the best method to clean your carpets
Industry experts agree. There is a “best” method for cleaning carpet… and Steamatic is the clear winner!

DuPontLeading fibre manufacturer
From instructions for general terms and conditions of DuPont Xtra Life carpet warranty:
“To refresh carpet texture, a process commonly known as HOT WATER EXTRACTION, performed by a trained, qualified, carpet care professional is required at least every 18 months. Proof of this service is required.”

Shaw IndustriesLeading carpet manufacturer
From Shaw Industries consumer tips on proper carpet care:
”Shaw industries recommend the HOT WATER EXTRACTION system, which research indicates provides the best capability for cleaning. This system is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning” although no steam is actually generated.”

Microbiologial Test Results by William C. McDonald, Microbiological Consultant
“Test proved Steamatic reduced the level of microorganisms in carpeting an average of 92.5% and the level of microorganisms on upholstered furniture an average of 96% These tests compared before and after cleaning levels of bacteria, yeast and mold. No harsh chemicals, which would be left in your carpeting and upholstery, are used in the Steamatic cleaning process. The key to Steamatic’s effectiveness is the use of a super heated solution that is applied to the carpets and fabrics and then effectively removed.”

area_rugArea Rug Cleaning Service Kingston
Steamatic Cleans all types of Area Rugs and Carpets from fine wool and silk to broadloom. We hand wash all rugs, clean fringes separately and hang the rugs to dry in our climate controlled cleaning facility.
Steamatic uses no harsh soaps or shampoos to clean wool cotton and silk rugs. We super soften the water with our patented water softener which is gentle on the fibers and leaves no shampoo residue.

So whether your rug is Tabriz or Chinese, Kilim, Antique, Bukhara or Berber, you can trust our 41 years of experience in cleaning of fine rugs.

carpetcleaningAFurniture is the second most widely used group of items in the home, after the carpet. We sit on it, kneel on it, stand on it and even let the pets sleep on it, and, as such, it can quickly gather dirt and dust as well as harbor allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants. While we regularly vacuum or clean the carpets in our home it is less common to clean the furniture and the drapery that is also in our rooms. When we do, we tend to flick over the surface of the items ignoring the areas where the most offensive items are lurking.

The “standard” method of furniture cleaning uses the Steamatic hot water extraction system. Extremely hot water is applied to the furniture or drapery which breaks up and removes abrasive debris from the items. This system can effectively and painlessly remove dirt that has collected over many months and because we use such hot water it is more effective than many other professional furniture cleaning services. It will also dry a lot quicker than systems using warm or less hot water. This process can also be used to clean your furniture and drapery while it remains in place making it convenient as well as effective.

Soil and stains are removed from the fabric and materials of the furniture quickly and delicately without any damage to the items that are cleaned.

To find out more about Steamatic rug and carpet cleaning services as well as for a free estimate of the cost of your carpet cleaning job, call us today. 613.549.1017

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Proven Best by Industry Tests

The Steamatic process for cleaning carpets, upholstery and fine wool rugs was invented in 1968. Our Research department developed a system that did away with harsh chemicals and shampoo and replaced them with water softeners which leave no residues. This process which incorporates the use of very hot water and powerful vacuums…READ MORE

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