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addedservices1Emergency Water & Fire Restoration Services.
Fires, floods and other disasters can leave families, individuals, and businesses in turmoil. Not only does property become damaged but it is equally trying on the owner of the property. A well thought out plan combined with effective restoration and recovery techniques can have a major impact on how quickly and effectively you can recover from any such disaster. Fortunately, Steamatic has been ably assisting residents and business owners for more than 40 years by offering fire and water damage restoration services, mold and mildew remediation, and a wide variety of other disaster recovery services.

addedservicesdryDry Ice Cleaning
Dry ice cleaning is one of our latest and most innovative introductions to the domestic cleaning range. Rather than using sand or other material to blast clean surfaces and items in the home, dry ice cleaning leaves less residue meaning more effective clean up and less residue following the cleaning process.

gammaGamma Radiation Cleaning
Gamma radiation cleaning is one of the most intensive cleaning processes available. Ideal for killing bacteria and extremely stubborn pollutants, this cold cleaning process is perfect for cleaning items that need to be sterile.

ces53Train720Graffiti Removal Contractor
Graffiti and other forms of vandalism are unsightly and can greatly reduce the desire of a street, neighbourhood or even town. Acting quickly and using the most appropriate tools, it is possible to remove the spray paint and graffiti from the majority of surfaces; something that we at Steamatic are especially skilled and experienced at.

hoodKitchen Hood Cleaning
The kitchen hood can be one of the most potentially dangerous items in the home. Not only can it harbor hidden germs and bacterial but a dirty hood is a potential fire hazard. Not only is it a legal requirement for businesses to regularly clean and maintain kitchen hoods but it is a sensible idea to have your kitchen hood clean from time to time.

moldMold Removal Services
The problem of mold and, in particular its effects on our health are only recently coming to light but evidence is certainly there to suggest that it can cause cold and flu like symptoms for the majority of us. It can also exacerbate existing health complaints including respiratory problems and allergy symptoms.

streetPavement and Car Park Cleaning
Steamatic is a leading provider of specialist car park and pavement cleaning services. Using a range of machinery and skilled workers we can accommodate general maintenance cleaning as well as spillage cleanups and a stringent clean to keep any concrete area looking its best.

lightLight and Diffuser Cleaning
Reflective fluorescent lighting has many applications in office, business premises and industrial units. The addition of a diffuser as well as the powerful light itself offers a steady and uniform spread of light while requiring minimal energy usage. Unfortunately, they can gather dust and become dirty if not maintained regularly.

greaseGrease Pit Cleaning
For many businesses, the kitchen is one of their most important assets. Restaurants, cafes, bars and other commercial businesses rely on the kitchen in order to prepare food, snacks and even drinks and it’s important that all aspects of the commercial kitchen are kept clean and tidy.

hardHard Surface Cleaning
Whether you have stone, ceramic or other hard floor tiles, cleaning them by hand is an arduous and often thankless task. With our highly effective, low profile turbo vacuum we are able to reach under surfaces that would ordinarily be left untouched. The cleaning process will leave the floor spotless because it even cleans the tiny scratches that hand cleaning won’t reach.

hvac1HVAC Cleaning
Dust, dirt and debris can all build up within your HVAC system. Through heating, ventilation and air conditioning cleaning we can effectively help to remove allergens and pollutants from your home and improve the atmosphere in all of your rooms. We spend the vast majority of our days inside so it’s important that we enjoy a healthy atmosphere.

crawlCrawl Space Encapsulation & Sub Floor Cleaning
Crawl space maintenance from Steamatic utilizes innovative and highly effective crawl space encapsulation method of damage prevention as well as cleaning and maintenance. The crawl space can become very humid and even under normal circumstances is subject to damp soil, rodents, and other problems.

traumaTrauma Scene Cleaning
Well trained Steamatic professionals offer an effective and highly competent crime scene cleaning service. As well as removing bio-hazardous waste our crime scene cleanup and trauma scene cleanup professionals remove trace residue left over after police activity including fingerprint powder and even tear gas.


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